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Environment-friendly Home Designs: A Tip From NECARBONCHALLENGE.ORG

Environment-friendly Home Designs: A Tip From NECARBONCHALLENGE.ORG

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Today,  I am going to talk about environment-friendly home staging designs – particularly for our Malaysian friends. While it’s no rocket science to figure out the importance of design and home staging in the Malaysian home selling process, it does take some genius of sorts to get the whole thing done. And not just ‘done’ ‘done’ for the sake of completing the job. The goal is always to present the house good enough to make any buyer want to strap their name onto the house for a mortgage loan that will take up a chunk of their income for most of their lives.

Home buyers love to choose from wide selections of designs. Weird house? It’s environmentally friendly!

The thing about staging a home is that, the moment you decide to sell your house, you have lost all control to the Malaysian house. You have lost the house completely when you make that decision. Everything you do or make to and for the house, at this crucial juncture, is all for and about the potential buyers. IT’S ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO BE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY (REMEMBER THE CARBON CHALLENGE!)

You have to recreate the house no longer according to you and your personal tastes, but this time according to what would look pleasing to most buyers. After all, more offers would mean more chances of selling at a much, much better price.

GREEN Ideas That Buyers Will Surely LOVE!

So while we cannot all be master interior designers and architects, we can always have a little piece of knowledge that experts in the real estate field have known for years; here are some 5 design ideas that buyers love:

  1. A neutral palette. Earth tones of beige, white, brown, cream and other hues in the same palette would always make a good design decision if you’re trying to sell a home. These are the colors that give a sense of openness and welcome, the sense that the Malaysian house does not have traces of its previous owners. Neutral colors also give a sense of a blank slate – something to create things on. Try to choose three neutral colors to become the central theme of your house color before opening it up to potential buyers. Popular choice for Malaysians!
  2. Open area. Your busy foyer and hallway can finally get some rest. When staging a home, it is very important that you strip your house of bulky and unnecessary furniture and appliances? An open, spacious-looking home is always highly recommended, design-wise. It will make potential buyers think that they are getting a good deal with a big home with small price.
  3. Outdoor spaces. More and more people these days are beginning to realize the beauty of enjoying the outdoors; that is why homes that come with outdoor spaces are very impressive to many home buyers. So if you have room enough for simple garden furniture, or if you have an unused area for a patio, by all means invest on it. The good thing about investing in these outdoor spaces is that they don’t need to be grand; the more natural and simpler they are, the more attractive they are. Run to your nearest thrift store for some well-loved rattan seats or a little hammock, add some rustic garden lights and win an outdoor-loving buyer.
  4. Natural light. Natural light creates an illusion of additional space. So when you are selling an upmarket condo like The Coast in Singapore or the infamous Vipod Suite in KLCC and you’re expecting tons of buyers, go for sheer curtains and open windows if the weather permits. This will definitely sit well with your white accents in the house. Avoid putting too much drapery on your windows because it makes it look stuffy and clamped.
  5. Smart storage additions. If you’re going to invest on your house renov for the house you’re selling, might as well invest in smart storage. Transform your small pantry into a multi-level, multi-faceted rotating pantry, or if space allows, create a walk in closet.

You may also want to read my previous guide to green development for context. Alternatively, see this page for more inspiration!


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