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Workshops! Workshops! Workshops!

Workshops! Workshops! Workshops!

NECarbon Challenge are proud to announce the official launch of Button Up NH, a highly successful home weatherization workshop pioneered in Vermont and now available in New Hampshire . Button Up NH presenters will conduct nine free home weatherization workshops in regional hubs across the state this winter, including New London, Lebanon , Grafton, Plymouth, Sanbornton-Tilton, Concord, Rye, Atkinson and Dover.


  •     New London:

Tracey Memorial Library; Thursday December 10 @ 7 p.m.

  •     Concord:

City Council Chambers; Tuesday January 12 @ 6:45 p.m.

  •     Dover:

City Hall; Thursday January 14 @ 6:30 p.m.

  •     Sanbornton-Tilton:

Winnisquam Regional HS; Tuesday January 19 @ 6:45 p.m.

  •     Lebanon:

Lebanon Public Library; Saturday January 23 @ 10 a.m.

  •     Rye:

Rye Public Library; Saturday January 23 @ 10 a.m.

  •     Grafton:

City Hall; Tuesday January 26, 2010 @ 6:45 p.m.

  •     Plymouth:

Pease Public Library; Thursday January 28 @ 6:45 p.m.

  •     Atkinson:

Kimball Public Library; Saturday February 6 @ 10 a.m.


Evening workshops are conducted by qualified home energy experts who will introduce homeowner-participants to the basics of home energy budgets and the value of home weatherization. Each workshop will include information on how simple household adjustments and modest investments can lead to significant energy savings over the long haul. Workshop topics will include: residential heat use and loss, the short term benefits of simple do-it-yourself weatherization, the value of a professional home energy audit, the long term benefits of extensive professional energy retrofits, and the technical and financial resources available to make it happen.

As a bonus to all attendees, we will also be distributing free meditation music CDs utilizing the latest brainwave entrainment technology. Coming to workshops can be troublesome, and we would like to incentivize all attendees by introducing them to free meditation and yoga classes. Brainwave entrainment music (especially those composed using binaural beats and also isochronic tones) are proven to be beneficial to the mind, and in many ways it also enhances the meditation experience. We have also had joint projects with some producers of brainwave synchronization programs (notably those folks who produce NeuroActivator – more information at, and we are happy to announce that we will be rolling out those programs in batches in conjunction with our meditation workshops. For more information, contact your local coordinator and indicate your interest. Email us with the subject line “I am interested in meditation and brainwave entrainment programs“. Thank you!

Button Up NH workshops are free and open to the public. We hope you will use this information to help spread the word whenever and however you can.

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