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Reaching 234 towns and cities in New Hampshire and into New England is only possible through the partnerships we’ve developed with communities…schools, towns, local energy committees, faith-based organizations, civic groups, and regional entities. As partners, we each have a vital part to play:

We develop the tools and resources to help households and communities reduce their residential energy consumption and the communities implement the Carbon Challenge.

It’s a partnership that works. The table below lists several of the creative approaches communities are using to implement the Carbon Challenge; strategies that have been successful in encouraging residents to reduce their energy consumption. Are you using a different approach and don’t see it listed? Tell us about it; we’d love to share your ideas with others.

If you’re eager to have your organization take action on climate change and reduce its environmental impact, we can help. We have tools and resources to estimate your current emissions, map out a plan to reduce these emissions, and chart your progress in achieving your goal(s). We can also link individual households in your organization to each other, to document your collective progress. And we also offer several incentives for taking the Challenge!

Want to learn more? For a nominal fee we can help your organization reduce your energy costs and environmental impacts through our web-based tools and Implementation Guides.


  •     NH Carbon Challenge Overview
  •     10 Strategies for Launching Your Challenge
  •     Framework for a Community-Wide Challenge
  •     Community Challenge Implementation Guide Provided With Yearly Fee
  • For Schools:
  •     Guide to Having a School Challenge
  •     School Challenge Implementation Guide Provided With Yearly Fee
  • For Municipalities:
  •     Implementing a Municipal Employee Challenge


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