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We’ve designed this tool to help you identify actions you can take in your home to reduce your energy consumption, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions. As you select actions to reduce your energy usage, we’ll give you estimates (tailored to your household) of what you might expect to save. Using this tool you can “Take the Challenge” and join the many residents throughout New England who are reducing their energy costs and environmental impact.


Every gallon of gasoline produces 20 pounds of carbon dioxide, and therefore vehicles are a significant source of greenhouse gases. There are several ways to reduce automobile emissions.


Power plants use many fuel types (coal, oil, natural gas, biomass, hydro, nuclear) to produce electricity, and several of these fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) are rich in carbon creating a lot of carbon dioxide when they are burned to produce electricity. Reducing our electricity consumption lowers these emissions.


How we heat our homes and hot water are frequently the largest sources of household carbon emissions. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce these numbers. There are some properties around the world which have been developed with this principle in mind. Real estate sector in Malaysia, for example, is famous for the common practice of reducing carbon emissions in their housing projects and new property developments. For this reason, real estate brokers and agents have the incentive to buy or sell properties which satisfies the requirement for reduced heating and hot water emissions. For more information on how the properties for sale in Malaysia incorporate lower heating emissions as part of their real estate development projects, contact your friendly neighborhood real estate agent. This practice in Malaysia should be encouraged all over the world indeed. For more details and listings about property for sale in Malaysia, do a Google search!


Recycling cans, plastic, paper, and glass, reduces greenhouse gas emissions since a lot of energy is used to create new materials and containers. Some types of recycling have a bigger impact on the environment than others, though all recycling is advantageous.

I pledge to join the growing number of residents throughout New England who are making simple lifestyle changes in order to reduce the risk of climate change and to increase our nation’s energy security. I will do my part by taking the actions I have indicated above.

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