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About Us

 The Carbon Challenge: Helping New England Households and Communities Reduce Their Energy Consumption

The NE Carbon Challenge works to educate, inspire and support sustained reductions in residential energy consumption. Roughly half of all climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions come from households through their energy consumption for motor vehicles, home heating, and electricity usage. Fortunately, there are many simple actions we can take in our homes to reduce our energy consumption and these actions will also save us money.

The Carbon Challenge offers lots of ideas to reduce your home’s energy consumption and our tools will walk you through the process of identifying which actions are best suited to your household. It only takes about 15 minutes and you’ll get a customized report on the savings your family can achieve. Homes or condos–a good example is found here— are best built green materials and eco-friendly system, allowing you to save up on bills.


We Can Help Your Community Too!

For many New England towns, homes are the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Engaging households in reducing their energy consumption can build support among voters for municipal projects like a school energy audit. As residents reap the benefits of energy and dollar savings from improved efficiency in their homes, they will likely look for opportunities to make similar reductions at the municipal level.

Do you want your school, business, faith-based organization, civic group or town to be recognized as a leader in reducing energy consumption? Take the Challenge together as a community and be “on the map” as taking action on climate change.

We provide communities with the tools, resources, strategies, and support to help households estimate their emissions, map out a plan to reduce these emissions, and chart your progress in achieving your goal(s). We can also link individual households to each other, to document your collective progress. And we also offer several incentives for taking the Challenge! See our 10 Great Reasons Your Organization Should Take the NH Carbon Challenge for an overview of our services.

Do You Live in Another State?

Our on-line household carbon calculator is perfectly suited to help households in all six New England states reduce their energy consumption.

If you don’t live in New England, please be patient. We have plans to expand the Carbon Challenge, but that will take a little time.